Bittrex Exchange Review 2018 - Security, Platform & Trading

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange was originally started in 2013 by three ex-Microsoft employees. Today we'll run through our Bittrex exchange review for 2018 and discuss their security, the trading platform and their range of cryptos available to buy and sell.

Let's start right from the beginning.

Bittrex Exchange Reviews & Security

Who is behind Bittrex & how has the exchange grown since 2013?

Bittrex is based in Seattle Washington, USA. As mentioned in the intro, it was started in 2013 by 3 ex-Microsoft employees.

The exchange became extremely popular in the late part of 2017 as it offered so many of the new ICO coins.

It was so popular they temporarily stopped new users due to the high demand.

In March of 2018, Bittrex de-listed a larger number of Cryptos because they violated their listing requirements. This was a case of many ICOs overpromising and underdelivering. 

Bittrex is fully regulated in the US, complying with all customer identification requirements.

Bittrex security

Bittrex has never been hacked, however, some Bittrex customers lost funds through Phishing (where hackers use malware attacks to steal passwords).

Bittrex takes the view they are not liable for these losses and it is the customers' responsibility to ensure the security of their login details.

Bittrex makes it clear that customers should take care to verify the Bittrex login page.

Like most secure exchanges Bittrex provides two-factor authentication.

They also have a feature that makes the user authenticate via email if their IP address changes.

Bittrex only keeps 1/3 of their funds in hot (online) wallets, the majority of their funds are kept in cold storage (offline).

Verification process on the Bittrex Exchange

There are essentially 2 levels of basic verification at Bittrex.

  1. A Tier 1 verified account means you have signed up with your email address. This will allow you a daily withdrawal limit of $3,000 of Bitcoin BTC.
  2. Tier 2 has an enhanced verification process which requires Photo ID Verification. This Tier 2 account verification will allow you a daily withdrawal Limit of 100 BTC per day.

You may like to know that corporate accounts are available.

Which currencies are available for trading?

At the time of this Bittrex Exchange review, Bittrex listed 261 available cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned earlier this year they shed 81 that did not reach their approved standard.

Bittrex is constantly adding new Crypto-currencies to their exchange.

Of course, you can buy Bitcoins, buy Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash BTH, Ripple XRP and so many more. As mentioned at the start, the early success of offering so many cryptocurrencies was what helped Bittrex become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Are fiat currency deposits available?

Bittrex is essentially a crypto only exchange to their non-US customers, however, Fiat currency deposits are available in some states in the US through relationship banks.

Bittrex also offers USDT Tether and also TUSD True USD if you wish to park your funds in a USD equivalent.

The Bittrex trading platform

The Bittrex platform has recently been revamped. The catalyst I believe was the large number of coins offered on the exchange and because of this, the original platform was hard to navigate.

The new secure platform is simple and clean.

Bittrex exchange review trading platform

The cryptocurrency wallet page

The crypto wallets page gives a clear picture of the user's current positions, their Bitcoin equivalents and the portfolios current fiat value.

The order page is a summary of completed and current in market orders.

The big feature change is the means of navigating the 261 cryptocurrencies.

On each page, there is a menu on the left-hand side.

bittrex cryptocurency exchange review order pad

You can select the major market and the coin you want it priced against it. This is a pretty simple way to follow a particular coin you may be looking to trade.

Bittrex exchange cryptocurrencies available

Dedicated markets page

The dedicated markets page allows you to select from the many hundreds of crypto currency combinations.

This page is organized into the 4 major currencies

  1. Bitcoin;
  2. Ethereum;
  3. USDT; and
  4. TUSD

Under each of these are the coins they can be traded against on the Bittrex exchange.

Charting and Trading

The cryptocurrency trading set up was changed to make trading a little quicker, the old set up made it too easy for users to make input errors.

Bittrex exchange market orders and trading platform review

The new system allows you to select a price from the buy or sell order list either side of the order input fields.

You can clearly see the market changing while you are entering your order, which is a significant improvement.

Click play on the video below to watch a live trade go through and a review of what we think of the Bittrex trading platform.

Orders need to be checked and Okayed before they are sent to the market.

When a partial or completed order is filled a message box appears in the top right corner, a fabulous feature.

At the bottom of the page is a summary of completed order history and open orders.

The platform supports the usual order types including:

The charting on the platform is OK.

Bittrex exchange charting platform review

Bittrex’s charting is best described as not as good as some but better than others.

If you’re really serious about technical analysis you are probably going to use a dedicated charting service like, but if you just need a chart in front of you while you execute trades, then Bittrex charts are fine. You can use the charts to determine whether you should invest in Bitcoin or other altcoins.

There are lots of tools and studies and the usual selection of time periods. The one annoying quality is their charts not updating with the market.

You sometimes need to refresh the screen.

Click play on the video below for a more indepth look at placing a limit and conditional orders via the Bittrex trading platform.

Key information about the Trading Fee and deposit fees

The fee structure is pretty simple. The great thing we find is there are no hidden fees.

There are no deposit fees and withdrawal fees are .001 BTC.

The trading commission on Bittrex is 0.25% which is pretty chunky compared to other crypto exchanges such as the Kraken Exchange or the Binance Exchange.

Concluding our Bittrex Exchange Review for 2018

Bittrex offers a huge number of coins. This is their major drawcard. The platform is secure, regulated and easy to use.

The problem is essentially volume, it seems better in the US and European time zones but Asia is pretty slow.

It is not an exchange for whales, but if you are trading up to 3-5 Bitcoins it has everything you need.

If you are looking to buy cryptocurrencies and build your cryptocurrency portfolio, then trading on Bittrex will tick a lot of boxes.

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