Best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels to Follow in 2018

best cryptocurrency youtube channel to follow

Cryptocurrency moves fast, and because it’s decentralised, it’s extra important to take on different opinions, ideas, and analyses from a bunch of different sources. One great way to gain new cryptocurrency knowledge is through the best Cryptocurrency YouTube channels in 2018.

Because being able to watch real-time technical analysis and examples alongside engaging commentary opens you up to a deeper understanding of the topics and fundamentals being discussed.

So whether you’re a crypto-newcomer, a keen crypto trader, or a crypto-veteran looking for good technical analysis or just some entertainment, here’s our list of the Top Ten Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels to follow in 2018.

10. World Crypto Network YouTube channel

best cryptocurrency youtube channels wcn

Coming in at number ten on our list is World Crypto Network, a very prolific channel that often puts out more than one video a day.

These guys do a lot of long-form content, featuring broad discussions that cover the industry, the technology, and the markets that make up this wonderful world of cryptocurrency.

It’s sometimes a relatively political channel also, which is fine so long as you’re aware of their biases going into the videos.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to learn about the philosophy of cryptocurrency and about what many of its biggest proponents believe, then World Crypto Network is one of the best places for you to check out.

Also: if you want a huge library of long-form looks at the world of crypto that you can put on in the background while you work or do chores, then this is the channel for you.

Crypto Videos to check out:

9. Coin Mastery YouTube channel

coin mastery youtube

Coin Mastery’s name is a big promise in and of itself. And we should make it clear: by mastery of coins, he means mastery of the market for coins.

This is a channel for trading and traders, and the face of the channel is a guy named Carter who trades across a number of traditional markets as well as cryptocurrency.

But he definitely thinks cryptocurrency is something special—the channel description declares crypto to be “the greatest financial revolution in history”.

His videos feature technical analysis and fundamental analysis and is very well-reasoned, and Carter is a man who comes across as trustworthy, and it seems he has all the understanding of market fundamentals necessary for a successful career in trading.

He’s neither an optimist nor a pessimist: he just really believes in the value proposition of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Crypto Videos to check out:

8. Boxmining YouTube channel

box mining youtube channel

The name Boxmining sounds like it belongs on a channel that is complicated, hard to follow, and all about the seemingly-inaccessible process of mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But that’s not the case at all.

Boxmining is actually a really good daily crypto channel, responding to articles, trends, and business moves within the cryptocurrency space.

He’s a really optimistic, community-focused creator who provides an excellent set of viewpoints on the necessity of the blockchain and cryptocurrency now and in the future.

Subscribing for daily videos is the best way to consume his content, but there are, of course, some great videos to get started with.

Crypto Videos to check out:

7. Crypto Investor YouTube channel

crypto investor youtube channel

Crypto Investor has some of the strongest technical analysis of any cryptocurrency YouTube channel. If crypto investing or trading cryptocurrency is your thing, then this channel will resonate well.

He’s also a very cynical voice: he always refers to Bitcoin as a bubble, no matter what price it’s trading at.

This can be useful, although watching Crypto Investor is sometimes like listening to your cynical uncle talk about how the end of the world is coming, and that we should all be buying gold and burying it in the yard.

Grumpiness aside, Crypto Investor is smart. His points are rational and well-communicated, and you can learn a lot about reading market trends from his analyses and arguments.

He’s a useful one to watch when you’re feeling overconfident and need a reality check. Just don’t only watch him—or you might begin to get a little grumpy.

Crypto Videos to check out:

6. DataDash YouTube channel

data dash youtube crypto channel

DataDash is one of the most subscribed-to cryptocurrency YouTube channels, and for good reason: his content is accessible, and has high production values.

Nick, the host, is a fantastic analyst and for the most part talks about cryptocurrency markets in a balanced, fair way.

He doesn’t rely too much on technical analysis and is really understanding of the reasons people trade how they trade.

He talks a lot about how the market has changed, especially in the aftermath of 2017’s mania, and he provides some of the most sensible all-around advice you can find on YouTube.

Crypto Videos to check out:

5. Crypto Daily YouTube channel

crypto daily youtube channel

This one is what it says on the can: it’s crypto, (almost) daily. And it’s just about the best balance of humour, smarts, and timeliness there is out there on crypto YouTube.

He’s recently updated his production value after a short hiatus, and his content is looking great.

It’s awesome to log onto his channel every day and get something new, whether it be a macroeconomic analysis or a hilarious parody video (or sometimes both in one).

So even though Crypto Daily comes in right in the middle of this list, he’s one of the most essential subscriptions to make on YouTube if you want to stay on top of cryptocurrency news and trends.

Crypto Videos to check out:

4. Doug Polk Crypto YouTube channel 

doug polk youtube channel

Doug Polk is one of the most unique crypto commentators out there—his background is in professional poker, and he often seems more interested in making an entertaining video than providing in-depth analysis.

Which is fine with us, because the man really is funny. In a video from June 2018 titled Bitcoin Is Crashing (And That’s A GOOD THING), Polk reminds us not to worry because, despite everything, “one bitcoin is still equal to one bitcoin”.

That said, he’s not without value beyond his humour.

His videos about the Bitconnect scam, DataDash’s ICO promotion, and Verge are incisive, and it is very, very entertaining to watch Doug call people out on their nonsense.

The one downside of Doug Polk Crypto is that he’s not regular with his content—he makes more videos when the market is bullish and can be silent for months at a time.

Crypto Videos to check out:

3. Digital Currency Markets YouTube channel 

digital currency markets

We don’t want to toot our horn too much (which is why this one only comes in third), but we recently started our own YouTube cryptocurrency channel, where we’ve been talking about issues like the Turkish Currency Crisis and reviewing exchanges like Fork Delta and BitMex.

In fact, BitMex is one of the top crytocurrency exchanges that we personally use and recommend. Feel free to click play on the video below to get a feel for our BitMex review.

Both Dave and John are offering their trading and finance industry expertise to viewers here, and we’re getting new ideas for content every day.

Check us out and be among the first to subscribe!

Crypto Videos to check out:

2. aantonop YouTube channel (Andreas Antonopoulos)

aantonop youtube channel

Andreas is one of the most important people in the cryptocurrency space.

He played a big role in bringing crypto to people’s attention with his multiple appearances on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he’s written several books on the merits of crypto and Bitcoin, and he’s constantly presenting at conferences around the world.

His YouTube channel is relatively small, but his content is high-quality and well-reasoned, and he has tonnes of videos perfect for sending to your friends and family to answer their questions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in logical and easy-to-understand ways.

And for those of you wanting to go more in-depth, he has a number of videos ranging up to an hour or longer in length.

Crypto Videos to check out:

1. Ivan on Tech YouTube channel

ivan on tech youtube channel

We’ve mentioned Ivan before on this site, and that’s for good reason: he’s a fantastic voice in the crypto space on YouTube. He is what we'd call a crypto influencer.

Ivan is a Blockchain developer who puts out a video every day covering crypto news and opinions that are coursing through the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Ever since he’s started streaming his content live, he’s also put aside time to answer people’s questions of the day, and the quality of his off-the-cuff answers prove that he’s a person worth trusting.

If you’re going to subscribe to just one channel on this list (as well as ours, of course), then Ivan On Tech might just be the one for you.

Crypto Videos to check out:


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